About Us

HUBBIQ is a modern, handcrafted African inspired jewelry brand that specializes in limited edition jewelry, custom luxury and bespoke jewelry design and services that celebrate African heritage and connect people through style. It is a sustainable jewelry brand that hand makes its jewelry products in Arizona, USA.

Our jewelry pieces are individually handmade in small batches and occasionally, rare, limited-edition pieces and one-off pieces are added to provide you with products that are exclusively unique and authentic, never mass-produced. You can be certain your one-of-a-kind jewelry is original and truly special.

Heritage & Legacy :

HUBBIQ jewelry heavily draws inspiration from its African origins, creating ethnic jewelry with a contemporary twist for the modern consumer. Our aim is to present you with timeless jewelry that connects you to a piece of Africa. Our signature is the creative use of beads, objects, charms, gems and materials that demonstrate the beauty of African symbolism and evoke a stylish simplicity about our brand; designs that perfectly blend urban and African styles into very simple yet wearable, sophisticated and timeless jewelry that you love. 

We make bespoke and classic jewelry that can be passed down in the family from one generation to another and thus, help you promote your family legacy and heritage with quality products that can last you a long time.

Sustainable Brand :

We are a sustainable brand that prioritizes creativity and craftsmanship using ethically sourced materials and production processes.

Artisan, Entrepreneurial & Small-Business Support :

We work with artisans and entrepreneurs in Africa who produce our local beads through highly-specialized skills and craftsmanship. We pay fair wages and help these entrepreneurs and artisans support their families and maintain decent livelihoods.

African-Inspired, Made In America :

All our jewelry is handmade in our studio in Arizona with raw materials sourced from Africa and, as much as possible, other small businesses in Arizona or within the United States. Our collaboration with African artisans also serves to foster, in small parts, a healthy economic relationship between the United States and Africa.

We are your premier African-inspired jewelry brand with a goal to provide authentic fashion jewelry that celebrates African style in the modern era. We provide classic, polished and wearable pieces of jewelry for the modern consumer in America and beyond.

Our goal is to become your brand of choice for impeccable fashion products that celebrate an African cultural identity. And our hope is that your fashion closet reflects this soon enough. For stylish African jewelry of superior quality, look no further. Explore our products, shop with us today!

Connect with us also on social media and enjoy the many ways we serve you with contemporary fashion, African-style!